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An Arcturian Message

For all Lightworkers, Holistic Practitioners, Star Seeds and Seekers of Divine Self.

We wish to acknowledge the conscientious effort you are putting into your development of higher consciousness and physical body care. For one does not function at its optimal potential without the other.

We ask that you please mindfully release all limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and behavioral patterns that do not serve this growth in high consciousness. To release these will enable your divine abilities and true star being selves to emerge in wonderous delight. Something we are all waiting in anticipation for.

For many of you have not yet recognised your authentic selves. This is due to the many variables of being in a human experience. For some, there will be layers upon layers of emotional trauma and experiences to release, but this is not impossible. It will take mindful effort on your part and a desire to know your true self.

With much love and support we offer you a small amount of guidance on your journey of discovery. Energy of Arcturus; A Collective of Cosmic Healers

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