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Light of my Soul

In the realm of divine, where souls find their home, There exists a radiant light, a source unknown. It flickers within, an eternal flame, Guiding us back to whence we came.

Within the depths of each beating heart, Lies a spark of oneness, an infinite art. A connection to the cosmic symphony, Where souls merge with divine harmony.

The light of one's soul, a beacon of grace, Shining forth with love in every embrace. It whispers of unity, of timeless truth, A reminder of our eternal youth.

In the dance of existence, we seek to find, The essence of oneness, the ties that bind. The Source, the Creator, in every breath, We witness the divine, conquering death.

For when the ego dissolves, in humble surrender, We become vessels of light, so tender. The illusion of separation, it fades away, Revealing the truth, a radiant display.

In the stillness of being, we merge as one, With the Source of all, like rays of the sun. No boundaries remain, just pure love's flow, A cosmic symphony, in which we all grow.

So let us awaken to the truth within, Embrace the light, let the journey begin. For in the oneness with Source, we find, The eternal flame that ignites humankind.

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