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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Terahertz energy?
    Electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range from roughly 0.1 THZ to 10 THZ, corresponding to wavelengths from 3 mm down to 30 mm. Such frequencies are higher than those of radio waves and microwaves, but lower than those of infrared light.
  • What is the difference between Terahertz and infra-red
    Terahertz waves have · Lower frequency · Lower wavelength · Lower quantum energy · Lesser heating issues
  • What are the benefits of Terahertz compared to other electromagnetic wavebands?
    1. Harmless but powerful 2. Can penetrate most organic substances 3. Absorbed by water 4. The future of Medicine
  • Is it safe to use Terahertz on humans?
    YES! Terahertz are 1. Harmless but powerful 2. More and more research is now being done 3. So far no one has given negative testimonies 4. THZ radiation is non-ionising and is considered to be safe for humans at low frequencies
  • Can Terahertz treat sickness?
    1. We never claim to be able to treat or cure patients or individuals 2. Only Doctors and licensed professionals are allowed to treat and cure patients 3. The i-TeraCare blower is a therapeutic device and helps with natural healing focusing on Meridian, chakra and reflexology points.
  • How many times do I need to blow in a day?
    1. Once a day is already good enough. 2. If you have the time, you can do up to three times in a day. Allowing for a period of four hours in between each treatment.
  • How long can the i-TeraCare blower last?
    1. It comes with a 1 year warranty. Make sure to register your warranty in your back office upon receiving your product. (you are given 2 weeks from the date of purchase to register your warranty). 2. If you somehow miss the dates, you have to contact by sending a note through your back office to Mr Kacy Tan (GM). He will help you. 3. The blower is expected to last at least five years if you handle with care.
  • The iTeraCare is made in China. Will there be any quality issues?
    1. I-TeraCare is contracted with a reputable manufacturer who is certified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinochem. Their product is also patented. Their reputation is at stake. 2. In spite of stringent quality control, we have to accept that some may turn up to be faulty (3%) 3. i-TeraCare will look into or replace each and every device which is a result of the manufacturer’s fault. 4. Send the device back to the company with a note stating your details, especially your name, H/P number, return address, user ID and the problem with the blower. It will be looked into.
  • When is the best time to use the blower, day or night?
    1. You can blow any time you want, day or night. 2. Do not rush, find the time for yourself
  • Are there any side effects if the Terahertz blower is used for a longer period of time?
    People have used up the blower for up to 50 minutes in one session without any side effects, except improvements. Depending on the severity of issue, usually 15-30 mins is sufficient and just because something is good, we must not over do things.
  • What is the minimum age to use i-TeraCare?
    There is no minimum age, It is even helping infants as much as elderly people.
  • Since i-TeraCare is so good, do I need to still take supplements or healthy food?
    Just like a car needs different kinds of oil to function well, the body needs different nutrients as well by eating healthy food or taking supplements to keep it healthy. The blower works on the therapeutic level, whereas the supplements and healthy food help nutritionally.
  • After using and solving my problem, do I still need to continue using the blower?
    Just as we eat and drink daily to maintain our health, blowing daily maintains what you have solved. If the body could solve the problem by itself, you do not need the blower. If however, when you do stop blowing the body might try to revert to its old condition.
  • How many times do I need to blow to see results?
    Some people start seeing results after the first time. For others it could be from 5 to 15 times before results take place. It depends on how receptive the body is, how chronic the pain is and your general health. Having a positive mindset supports the process as well.
  • A hair dryer is blowing out hot air too. So, is this blower the same as a hair dryer?
    The difference is that this device blows Terahertz energy and a target light. It has been found that some people using the i-TeraCare blower on their head are finding that their scalp and hair are getting stronger, thicker and less hair falling out.

Before, During and Aftercare information

Let's discuss some of the symptoms you may experience when you use the blower, and why you experience these reactions. 

The below reactions are normal. You can continue using the blower even though you may feel uncomfortable during some stages of the healing process. 


1. Feeling Hot
2. Feeling Cold- Poor circulation in the body
3. Itchiness - Increased circulation the blood
4. Bloating - Stomach. Gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air or gas

5. Numbness - Damage to the nerves / QI flow is no good
6. Rheumatic Pain - Poor blood circulation
7. Pain - Blockage of meridians or blood clots in vessels
8. Sweating - A sign of skin detoxification and an i-TeraCare Recovery Effect

9. Red Rash - A sign of skin detoxification
10. Frequent Urinating - Removal of toxins / excess water
11. Fever - Removal of toxins
12. Recurrence of Chronic Sicknesses - Normal phenomenon of detoxification which is an i-TeraCare Recovery Effect

13. Dizziness - Means that there is blockage of QI and poor blood circulation
14. Feeling of “Moving Around” in the body - This is a good reaction, which implies the smoothness of the meridian
15. Discharge - Gynaecological diseases, indicating that there is improvement of your gynaecological issues and also reduced inflammation, which is a natural reaction

1. Drink plenty of water
2. Chronic diseases come from accumulation over time. So give the body time to recuperate
3. Recovery is different for different people
4. Be patient. This is not a miracle. Let the body heal itself

After Each Session

For faster recovery and healing, you are strongly advised NOT to consume cold water and/or cold food, or eat raw. DO NOT use fans and air-conditioners.

You can only shower 4 hours AFTER your session of the therapy, otherwise your session will be counter productive!


1. Features:
i-TeraCare blower is for external use only, and
it's not recommended for more than 30 minutes of continuous use each time.

2. Air Inlet and Outlet:
While using the blower, do NOT block the air inlet and outlet. C
lean the air inlet regularly to prevent dust blockage. Keep the device clean at all time.

3. Power Cord:
While using the blower, do NOT shake it vigorously. Do NOT pull cord when unplugging the device.

4. Heat Dissipation:
Before storing, allow device to
 cool down completely. Store in the box provided.

5. Device Inner Structure:
Made from delicate crystal tubes. Handle with care
and DON’T drop




Pregnant or Menstruating people / Acute Diseases / People with congenital heart
and diseases / Open wounds / Fractured or Broken bones / Use on areas with implants or replacements, prosthetics 

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DISCLAIMER The iTeraCare device is certified household electrical equipment. It has been certified as “safe to use.”
It emits no harmful radiation, and it has labels allowing for its distribution internationally. 

The iTeraCare blower is not a piece of medical equipment and the manufacturer provides no medical advice. Users understand that the device is not intended to be used as a medical device or for diagnostic purposes on which reliance should be placed. Its use is not intended to be relied upon in lieu of medical treatment or advice by a trained medical care practitioner. Users understand that they use the iTeraCare blower at their own risk.

Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professional with any questions regarding any medical condition, or for specific guidance regarding the optimal use of the iTeraCare blower, nutrition, or physical activity.

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