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What is your soul?

What is your soul?

Your soul is an expression of the powerful force that created the universe as we know it today.

Why were souls created?

Billions of years ago the creators experimented and created the star systems, galaxies and universes that we know today. There are many out there that humanity has not yet discovered yet.

Within these forms of matter and dense energy, solid forms developed and eventually these forms took on a different shapes. Some of these forms were also etheric in nature. However, they did not hold the creation spark that would allow these shapes to evolve with a consciousness.

The creators felt these forms needed a powerful life essence that would expand into consciousness and be a living entity in it’s own right. This would enable these forms to evolved into the enlightenment of creation consciousness.

How were souls created?

Souls were created from the byproduct of energy and frequency that was attuned into the divine masculine and divine feminine or simply put; a combined spark of creation.

Once the creation of the soul energy structures were complete, they were left to evolve and grow with the creation spark as the navigator. The flow of the universe energy floated them around the cosmic space and throughout the planets and star systems. Their trajectory was influenced by frequency attraction. Eventually many of these were drawn to the physical shapes where they symbiotically immersed themselves in order to grow consciously and independently. The creative life force keeping each soul connected no matter what existence it was experiencing.

Some evolved quickly, some more slowly, some ended up perishing.

As time and evolution took place these souls and solid life forms developed into what is within the multidimensional levels and quantum fields today, and beyond.

Souls are able to experience the creation life force not only in a solid format, but also as an etheric energy one.

The imprints of each experience is stored within the creators spark which can be accessed through high frequency channels. These imprints are also referred to as blueprints and hold the evolution record of each and every soul in existence. These are more commonly referred to as the Akashic Records.

This is a basic and simplified explanation that was given to me how and why souls were created. Michelle.

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